Soundwave Art™ Mobile App

the app that brings your art to life

Soundwave Media™

Works hand in hand with the Soundwave Art App to bring your artwork or photography to life.

Augmented Reality

An enhanced generated video plays on top of your Sound Wave Art, merging the digital and physical world.

iOS & Android

Our free app is available on iOS and Android. Create your art or upload your own at


Who is our app for?

The Soundwave Art™ app was developed to play official Soundwave Art™ which you can create by using your own voice or any sound you like. Choose a product and click design yours to see what your voice looks like!

We’ve also partnered with companies around the world to offer this technology to as many people as possible. If you don’t purchase directly from us, make sure you are purchasing from one of our partners so you can use our app to play your artwork. Just ask them if they are an official Soundwave Art™ partner and look for our app icon.


An Entirely New Way To Enjoy Your Sound Wave Art!
Augmented Reality
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Augmented Reality Art

Sound wave prints - meant for you to frame yourself - starts at $49.99

Sound wave canvas - comes ready to hang - starts at $114..99

Sound wave aluminum - comes ready to hang - starts at $104.99

Soundwave Art is a unique art form created by taking your voice pattern and turning it into a sound wave pattern

These products ship free to over 50 countries

art created from sound